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The top list of online casinos with video poker is not as popular as slots or some other table games. However, it’s still very popular, and millions of people still enjoy it in online casinos – and the reasons are quite obvious. This game is quite simple, graphic and sound effects are usually very good in modern video poker games and, well, it’s really fun! So we deeply understand why people love video poker – and if you are one of these people, we recommend you to try online casinos from our list. We check in detail each of the sites that you can find here, in many ways. Especially the issue of personal data security, because we believe that this is one of the fundamental factors for a comfortable game. We have collected the best casinos that offer video poker – they are licensed properly and they are legal in Canada, so don’t worry about it. All you have to do now is to choose any of them. Video poker in Canada. Why is it popular? As we’ve said, it’s a quite simple game. You don’t have to study all those rules (like in blackjack or table poker) – video poker is very similar to the online slot machines, but of course, there are some differences. Another advantage of this game is your chances to win. Video poker games are one of the best choices for a player who wants to win money. In addition, many online casinos offer good welcome bonuses, which will help you fully familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and choose a strategy that suits your playing style. Well, basically, 100% of players want to win money, so video poker may be a great chance for you, even if you haven’t tried it yet! All you need to start playing is the desire and go through the registration procedure on the casino website that interests you. It won’t take long, but if you plan to play for real money, then this is a must. If you want to play for fun, or are just not ready to risk your own money, you can always take advantage of the opportunity to play in demo mode. Most often, online casinos do not require registration if you want to try the demo mode, and to start playing, just go to the site. The rules and strategy isn’t something difficult – and now we are going to describe them to you. Rules and strategies So the rules are quite simple. If you’ve played table poker, the video poker hands will be familiar to you, because they are similar. You have five cards at the beginning, and you can hold/discard any of them. It’s all about random number generators – so dealer’s mistakes will not spoil your game. We’ll talk about these random number generators a little bit later. As we’ve said, you can hold or discard your initial cards. When the choice is done, you get the resulting hand, and if it’s a good hand – you will get your money before the next one will appear on your screen. Speaking of strategies (at least about the basic ones), we need to say that it’s all about different varieties of video poker. Thus, if you play Deuces Wild, your strategy will differ from the strategy for those who play Jacks or Better or, for example, Joker’s Wild. We didn’t take these three examples by accident – the thing is, Deuces Wild, Joker’s Wild and Jacks or Better are probably the most popular types of video poker nowadays. That’s why we will describe the basic things you need to know while playing these three games. Let’s start with Jacks or Better – this one is the most popular video poker game in online casinos in 2017. There are dozens of different strategies for this game, and if you need something more complex, it would make sense for you to google these strategies – but here we will talk about the simple one. Remember, there are five cards at the beginning – and all you need to win is two Jacks. In such a case, the expected return is about ~99.5% – and it’s a very good number (it means that you will return $99.5 from every wagered $100). The main goal in Jacks or Better is to take small risks. That’s why if you have three cards to a royal flush, you have to draw to it. The same is when you have four cards to flush (or straight); but if you want to get a straight flush (which is quite good), you need to hold three cards, any of them. Holding may be a good choice when you don’t have any of these combinations (but have Jacks or Better). The last thing we’d like to recommend (but we hope it will not happen to you) is when you don’t have any of the combinations mentioned above. In this case, you can draw all cards – and, well, it’s a very high-risk engagement. Deuces Wild is another popular type of video poker. The basic strategy is not very difficult, too.

Thus, you have to hold cards if:

You should draw all your cards if you don’t have anything from the combinations above. However, that’s not the full list of the combinations so we recommend checking the Deuces Wild hands one more time – there are many strategies, written by the professional players, and they will definitely be helpful for the beginners. The last one, Joker’s Wild, is somewhere in between Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. That’s why the basic strategy for the last game can be useful here. Why can you trust this page? Well, because we’ve taken all the factors into account and created the list of the best online casinos with video poker games. What are these factors? At first, we’ve analyzed the main subject of this article – video poker games. More precisely, the amount and quality of these games. As a result, you can be sure that whatever you choose, you will 100% like it – the games are provided by the most popular developers, such as Microgaming and NetEnt. These names are actually the best synonym of high quality and transparency, and that’s why you can safely forget about all the possible problems with the games. By the way, safety is another important thing when it comes to online casinos. We checked the licenses and the certificates of all the casinos before we added them, and therefore you’ll have no problems with your personal and financial information. All the casinos here are licensed by the UK, Malta, or Curacao authorities. Canada is not a common guest at the forbidden lists, and that’s why we’ve chosen the casinos available in this country without serious problems. However, the safety and the number of games are not enough. If you have any issues, you will solve them with the support service – and that’s why we analyzed dozens of reviews to select the websites with professional and responsible support teams. We also conducted a small experiment on how quickly an online casino responds to complaints or questions from the user. You can be sure that your problem will be resolved fairly quickly. This way you can start playing. Another important thing is the amount (and fairness) of bonuses, so we’ve analyzed them, too – unfortunately, many casinos try to cheat players using unreal bonuses. You can be sure there are no such websites on this page – only the honest casinos that offer real and generous bonuses. As well as excellent conditions for cashback and a loyalty program, which will help you spend less personal money and play at the expense of the generosity of your chosen online casino. But you need to remember important things before you decide to use any of the bonuses provided by your chosen online casino – you should familiarize yourself in detail with all the rules for receiving a bonus. Sometimes the number of wagering can be very high. In such situations, you will not be able to withdraw the won money until the bonus has been wagered a certain number of times and there is a risk of losing all the money. In order to get the most out of the game, be careful and always read the rules in detail. Also, if you still have questions, contact the customer support service on the casino website, and they will help you sort out the question you are interested in. Try them now and hit a royal flush!

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