Best Casino with Roulette

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Best Canadian websites with Roulette

Best roulette websites Playing roulette is a completely different experience, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should do it right now! Unfortunately, not all casinos offer online roulette (let’s be honest, there are few casinos with such an option). We know about this problem and we know how difficult can it be for a player to choose a good, trusted and safe online casino. That’s why we’ve collected the best websites that offer roulette – and now we are proud to present them to you. You can choose each of them and start playing right now – we guarantee that your experience will be perfect. All the online casinos here are available in Canada, so if you are a Canadian roulette-lover, this is probably the best place for you!

Why you can trust us (and this list)?

Because we know that it’s sometimes a problem for a player to choose the casino. It can take up to few days to consider and take into account all the important factors – and we’ve spent a lot of time analyzing and choosing the best websites with lotteries. As a result, this list contains only the most trusted and exciting casinos – and we are going to tell you how we’ve done it.

Let’s go! At first, we’ve chosen the most fair and safe casinos. It wasn’t actually a very long process – there were three things we had to consider: licenses, fairness itself, and safety of the website (encryption). All the websites at this page are licensed properly – and when we say “properly” we do really mean it. The secret is: there are only a few authorities in the world that can be called reputable when it comes to online casinos. Among them there are Curacao, Malta, Alderney, Gibraltar, and the United Kingdom (it’s not really the authorities but the Gambling Commission who certifies online casinos in the UK).

It makes sense that all the casinos here have the licenses from one (or two) of these countries or territories, and it is definitely good news for the players. Why? Because you, as a player, can be sure that both your funds and your rights will be protected by these licensing regulators. After that we selected the casinos, that are legal in Canada (because we don’t want you to use VPN or have legal problems).

When this work had been done, we’ve started analyzing fairness of the online casinos to make sure you will not be cheated – and that’s how we’ve done it. Firstly, we have checked if the random number generators are really random – it’s very important for slot machines and roulette (and other table games that are dependent on the random numbers). Long story short, if the RNGs (that’s how these generators are usually called) are independent and real, the results of the games will be random and fair.

Test online casinos for fairness

There are two most reputable and well-known agencies that test online casinos for fairness – eCogra and TST. We will not describe all the details, because it may be a very long story, but the most important is: the engineers of these two agencies test RNGs, payouts, and even live dealers – so if a casino is certified by TST or eCogra, it’s a fair casino, with no exceptions. And yes, all the casinos with lotteries at our website have such certificates – which means your gaming experience here will not be spoiled. Choose any of them right now and try – or continue reading if you are interested in how did we choose the best of the best. Basically, fairness is not what we’ve tested by ourselves. A certificate by eCogra is usually enough – these guys don’t cheat and choose only the casinos which can really be trusted. All in all, the only thing we had to do was to choose the ones with such certificates!

Safety of the website is one of the most important factors, too. Nobody wants to lose money, right? We are sure you don’t want this to happen, too – that’s why in this list you’ll see only the websites, that can keep your private information. When we say “private”, we mean both your personal and financial data – unfortunately, the number of credit card frauds and identity thefts has increased in the last years.

Using SSL technology

That’s why safety of your information is our highest priority – and we’ve selected only the casinos with the latest SSL technology. The latest SSL certificate is a sign of a secure and protected website. Another thing we’ve analyzed was HTTPs protocol – modern online casino should have it, without any exceptions. Of course, all the websites in this list have both of these technologies, and it means that you can trust them.

The online casinos here use 128 or 256-bit SSL, therefore our information will be private in most cases. However, we still recommend to create a hack-proof password if you want to feel absolutely protected. Another important thing is number of games. Unfortunately, those who play lotteries are not in the same position as the slot lovers (or those who like table games).

Online casinos don’t offer hundreds of lotteries because, well, there are no hundreds of them – an average website from our list has 5-20 lotteries, not more. We’ve only added websites with licensed and trusted lotteries, so even if the assortment doesn’t look very wide, your choice will definitely be successful! And of course, the quality of the lotteries at the websites here is not a question at all. Finally, we’ve analyzed such important things as the quality of support services, withdrawal speed, bonuses, etc. There are very few perfect casinos, but you can be assured that the casinos at this page have professional and fast support specialists, that there will be no withdrawal problems or delays and that the bonuses are fair and don’t have any fine print. And of course, we’ve checked if a casino supports payment and withdrawal options, popular in Canada, before we added them. You can choose any of the websites and start playing lottery right now – we’ve done everything to make your experience exciting and fair.