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Best online casinos with blackjack. Try them all right now!

Blackjack is one of the best (and the most popular) table games in online casinos. Millions of people are looking where to play blackjack online every day – and if you are one of them, our website is probably a perfect place for you! Why? Because choosing a right online casino with blackjack can sometimes be a very time-consuming process. There are many factors, which should be taken into consideration – and we clearly understand this fact. We have already done this job for you, and all you need now is to click at any link from this list – all of these websites are perfect for the blackjack-lovers. Especially for the players from Canada, because we collected the online casinos, available in this country – so if you are looking for a legal way to play blackjack, this list is definitely for you.

Playing blackjack in online casino

You probably already know how to play blackjack and what are the rules of this game. That is why this article will definitely be useful for you if you don’t know anything about blackjack. However, even the professional blackjack players may find something new here – in the following text we will explain the main rules and strategies and describe all the factors we’ve mentioned while selecting the websites to this list. Let’s go! So the rules are as simple as that. You have to beat the dealer (it’s the very first aim of this game) and to get as close to 21 as possible. In short words, your cards should be close to 21 (and not more!), and of course, your numbers must be higher than the dealer’s cards. It doesn’t sound very difficult, and, well, this game is quite simple – but it’s that type of simplicity that is called “easy to learn, hard to master”. It’s really easy to start playing blackjack – but the process of learning all the shades and nuances of this game can take years.

Rules and features of playing blackjack in online casinos

We are not going to explain all of them (we don’t know all of them, frankly) – we will now tell you the basics that will make the first games easier. So the process is quite simple – at the very beginning the dealer gets two cards, you get two cards and, well, the game begins! After that you have to choose what to do – hit? Stand? Split? It’s up to you to choose. Let’s talk about these actions. When you choose hit, the dealer will give you another card; if you say “stand”, you don’t get no more cards; “split” means that you get another two cards (we’ll tell you when it would be better to split); and the last option is “double down” – it’s like “hit”, but you should say it when you have only one card. After that, if you don’t have more than 21, you’ll continue playing the game. The values of the cards in this game are very simple, too – 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are equal (10), and Aces value can be 11 or 1 (it depends on the cards you already have before you get Ace). And, well, all the other cards have their value. As for the strategies – it’s very important to know them.

Well, at least the basic ones – it’s necessary for several reasons. At first, you can simply lose all your money if you don’t understand how the game should be played – you’ll have no chance to win in this case, because it isn’t slot machine or roulette, and random numbers don’t work here. Another reason why you should know the basics is that otherwise you will not be able to improve your skills and therefore to become a big fish which wins good money – theoretical basis is very important, there’s nothing to add here. Well, there are actually hundreds (something like 300+) situations you can get into while playing online blackjack. As we’ve already said, it makes no sense to describe all of them (another problem is the amount of blackjack varieties). The main tips you have to remember is:

  • If you have Jack and King (or any other cards which value is 10) – you can split. The same is if you have Ace+8, 7s (if a dealer has 2-7), 9s (against dealer’s 2-6(8-9)). You can’t split if you have 10s and 5s!
  • The good news is: when you double, you are very close to win! Double soft 13-18 if a dealer has 3-6, double hard 9 vs 3-6, 10 vs 10 (or Aces), and 11 vs Aces. If “soft” and “hard” combinations is something new for you – it’s very simple, too. Soft hand is a combination with an ace, while hard combination is a hand without Aces.
  • You can hit soft 17 and hard 11 (or less). It would be a good choice to stand on some hard combinations – thus, if you have hard 12, you can stand on it (if a dealer has 4-6). The same is if you have hard 13-16 (and dealer has 2-6), hard 17, soft 18 (vs. dealers 9, 10 or Aces) and soft 19.
  • Surrender is possible, too – thus, you can surrender if you have 16 and a dealer has 9 through ace, or if you have 15 and a dealer has 10.

We didn’t add any advanced tips and strategies – in such case this article would’ve been ten times longer. However, we will now tell you how did we choose the best online casinos that offer blackjack – long story short, we’ve analyzed all the possible factors to make the gaming experience comfortable for you.

So, we began with the fairness. It’s very simple when it comes to the online casinos – we had to check the licenses and the certificates at first. As a result, all the casinos in this list are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Curacao, Malta, or Gibraltar authorities. These licensing bodies are the most reputable and trusted in the world, so you don’t need to worry about any legal problems when you play in them. And of course, all the casinos here are also legal and available in Canada, so you don’t need to use proxies to play in them. Of course, all online casinos at this page are protected well. Their websites have the highest level of SSL technology – it means that your personal information is secured and will not be stolen. As for the bonuses, support services and withdrawal options (and speed) – we’ve analyzed these characteristics of all the casinos here, too. Now we can say that there will be no problems with live chat, blackjack bonuses, and withdrawals – so you can choose any of the casinos and start playing right now. And finally, we’ve evaluated the number of blackjack varieties in these casinos. It doesn’t matter what bonuses does the casino offer if it has two blackjack games, right? We know that blackjack isn’t the most popular game in online casinos, but with our top list you will not feel this problem at all. Try right now!

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